Five Things We Discovered Google My Business Listings

You don't believe there are thousands of business and business owners claimed Google My Business listings. It is one of those free that google offers you to help promote your business on Google. The good thing about is it's just a freebie from Google.

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We released our most significant research on Google My Business.

The study was based on Google My Business listings and explored insights concerning how businesses and customers use Google My Business.

By Google My Business insight study, we found five most essential things which are given below. 

1. You definitely still need a website

We measured that most of the customers click on websites in every industry and country. We also found that 76% of customers say; when researching a local business, check their website at least half of the time.

This study tactics shows and proves that you still need a website in 2019. So, what are you waiting for? Just go and start making your website.

2. Images improve engagement

Just Imagine any website /blog without images or maybe one-two images and think about those websites that have beautiful images and infographics. Which website do you prefer to surf? Second website because it has more images.

Images help readers to understand any situation or message very quickly. So, most of the customer action based on Images or infographics because customers attract by images, not only text.

When you are using only one image, you will get fewer clicks compared to the average listing. If you are using 100 images, then you will get ten times more website clicks compared to the ordinary listing. 

So, if you are using one image on your website, then you should add more images from right now because it will give more engagement and more customer actions.

3. GMB is not just for brand searches

Most of the people think that GMB only becomes useful when somebody knows about your business or brand, but that's not a truth. Most of the Google My Business listing views come from non-branded searches like " Restaurant near me," " Gym near me," "Hospital near me," etc.

You can win out over large corporate businesses by non-branded searches because google gives preferences to where someone is searching. So, you might win out because you are geographically more relevant to the searcher.

If you wish to found your business in these types of non-branded searches, then you should optimize right GMB categories and take appropriate steps for a higher ranking.

4. Customer action rate is on the up

People are always interacting and engaging with Google my business listings. We found that the customer action rate on Google My Business is increasing day by day.  

Google will now enable businesses to offer new rewards to the customer who follows their business in GMB listing with new welcome offers. So, more and more customer like to interact with GMB listings and follow them.

We also suspect that customers feel more comfortable and become more familiar with these new features.

5. Car dealerships are the standout industry in GMB

when we entered into the industry data, one industry came out and amazed us, which is the car dealership industry.

This industry came up with a top performance in website clicks and calls. We gave second-highest number for direction requests and third number for its average amount of photos.

The car dealership industry listings like very well optimized.

So, these five things are worth understanding for you from our Google My Business Insights Study.

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